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Had an accident and was severely burned, the tragic story of Mirand

Not long ago, Mirand, the father of two children had a very serious accident. On his way back from work, his motorcycle collided, causing the 32-year-old to suffer a third-degree burn. Although the chances of survival were slim, doctors managed to bring him back to life. But the hours of horror are not over yet.

“My engine lights were very dim and it was very dark. In front of me was a parked tractor without any kind of illuminated signage. I could not see it in time and as a result, I could not maneuver. The gas stopper opened directly and my feet were on fire.

I entered a canal with the thought of extinguishing the fire that was burning my skin, but there was no water there, only dirt. The tragedy does not end here, the canal caught fire as well as there was dry grass. That’s all I remember, then I lost consciousness. It has been more than 5 months since I lingered in this bed. I can not move, because I risk bleeding.”

This would be fatal for Mirandi, but unable to be treated in hospital, the only care comes from his wife. After talking to the doctors we work inTurkey, we learned that Mirandi still has hope and that his operation can be performed to help him recover.

After Mirandi’s accident, life for the Sinani family has become very difficult. They live in a rented house and receive only 30 euro monthly assistance. They need our help for the treatment of the head of the family.

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