“Grandma curses us, wants us out of the house”, the shocking story of two orphaned girls

2 years ago, the head of the Gorreja family passed away as a result of a serious illness. Leaving behind despair for the two girls and Elsa. But apart from the agony and despair of losing his father, there are no quiet days for them. They live in a house with their grandmother, who is making life hell for her granddaughters.

“I can’t go on with the idea that I don’t have a father anymore. With the idea that my grandmother or uncle will come and will shout to us. They curse us day and night, they don’t love us at all. There is no hope, I have done nothing. I don’t know why they don’t love us.”

They are all alone, without the support of anyone, and above all, they don’t even have a home.

“My grandmother doesn’t talk to us, because in this house she treats us as if we don’t exist. She screams, curses us, she just wants us to get out of here because we are nothing to her. No one comes to help us. This house is not ours either, we have nowhere to go.”

Elsa, on the other hand, works as a cleaner but finds it impossible to offer a roof to her two daughters. Among other things, they live in only one room, which is in scandalous conditions and endangers the lives of the girls. As at any moment, the ceiling may fall.

They need our help and together we have shown that we can succeed in saving lives.

Charity does not make you poor!

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