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Good news, the two orphans enter their new home!

Years ago, the head of the Sina family tragically passed away due to cerebral hemorrhage. From that day, misery began for Shpëtime and her two young children, Alvin and Bleona. Without the support of her husband, Shpëtimja has sacrificed everything, even her health, to raise her children.

But she was powerless to give them a safe shelter. They lived in an old house in the village of Garuje in Peqin. After “Fundjavë Ndryshe” heard their story, we could not leave this mother with the orphaned children to continue living in those conditions.

In a very short time despite the bad weather,  we managed to build a new home for the Sina family. Also, Shpëtime and her children will continue to receive the support of “Fundjavë Ndryshe” for every need they will have.

Charity does not make you poor!

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