Food aids

Albania is a poor country but very solidary. Many families in need in Albania fail to meet the minimum living standards, and many parents aren’t able to provide daily food for their children. There are several factors that influence this process. Unemployment is the main factor. Unemployment rates in our country are very high, and a very large number of families do not have any member that is employed. The lack of education is another major problem. The lack of professions, trades does not give anyone the opportunity to be engaged in a job. Also, the state mechanism that helps these people is not active. Albania does not have a system that helps the sick to be treated for free. If a poor person is also ill he is destined to suffer. So many families can’t even afford basic food.

Fundjavë Ndryshe has started its work by distributing food to families in need. We have worked hard to turn the weekends in “the solidarity days” for our society, where a charitable helps a poor family. Since 5 years ago we are on the ground every weekend, working with families in need. Our mechanism has already been strengthened and Fundjavë Ndryshe has spread food aids to many cities and rural areas. We have tried to establish a connection between the families in need and the donors. We have created bridges of communication between people who come from different groups of society. We believe that this is the only way to unify Albanians.

You can contribute too! If you want to help a family, please contact us. You can visit them with your family, friends or colleagues. You can raise a certain amount of money and buy the necessary food for the family we will help. Join us! WE RISE TOGETHER!