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Farewell our Alvin!

A few months ago, with a trembling voice, Elton contacted “Fundajvë Ndryshe”. Desperate and lost, he sought help for his son, little Alvin. Diagnosed with a tumor, the 2-year-old’s life was in danger.

We all did everything we could for the little one. But we could not save him. We have hoped and fought hard since November 14, the day we received his parent’s call. We hoped even when the doctors gave up hope.


Mes trishtimit të papërshkrueshëm, me lot në sy, e zemër të coptuar, po ju njoftoj me një lajm të dhimbshëm për mua, për…

Posted by Arbër Hajdari on Sunday, February 14, 2021


“When the doctor here in Albania told me that the operation could only be done abroad, I felt hopeless. I had long sought help in many places, but no one helped me. Until  I contacted “Fundjavë Ndryshe ” and Alvin went straight to Switzerland,” Elton confessed earlier.

In the best hospital in Europe, the doctors did not perform the operation, according to them the tumor was in aggressive stages and it was not worth the effort. But for us it was. We had decided together with Alvin’s parents to fight until the last minute.

“When we returned to Tirana, we met Arber and he told me to take Alvin to Turkey. I told him that my heart says yes, even though in Switzerland we were told it is impossible. But it was Arbri’s help and perseverance that convinced me to try everything that was in our hands. The operation lasted about 6 hours but was successful. Day by day, Alvin’s health was improving and the doctors told us that he had passed the great danger, and they even hoped to regain his sight.”

But while we waited for a new life to begin for Alvin, he tested positive for the coronavirus. For him this was fatal.

A few days ago, Alvin addressed these words to all Albanians, which unfortunately would be the last of him.

“Thank you for healing me, I love you so much, I will never forget you.”

Neither will we ever forget, our little Alvin!

From your big family!

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