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Emotional, little Dion needs your help!

Dioni is only 1 year old, but he has stayed mainly in hospitals from the day he came to life. He was born with a rare kidney problem, which is severely damaging them, risking disabling them. Due to his aggravated health condition, he has performed several surgeries, but they were not enough. This has further ruined the family, who desperately call for help.

According to doctors, Dioni needs to perform an operation as soon as possible, as his life is in danger. The intervention can be performed only abroad, as in Albania the necessary equipment is not available. The operation can be performed in Italy, which the “Shqiponja APS” association in Reggio Emila has undertaken, and they have to stay there for 17 months.

But the economic situation of the family is ruined, left with no income. They find it impossible to cover the costs of transport, accommodation, and food, which cost 20 thousand euros. With a heartfelt prayer, Hygerta calls for help for her little one. We have to save the life of little Dion!


Dioni and his parents have left for Italy, where the little boy will undergo examinations and the surgery.

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