EDUCATION / “Fundjavë Ndryshe” and the process of building a Library and The Professional school


Since the first steps of the “Fundjavë Ndryshe” foundation, a special attention was dedicated to education. We think that education is the strongest weapon to fight poverty, and that is the greatest hope for helping generations move forward, in community development. When our staff visits families in need and analyze their social and economic situation, a specific section is made for the education of children. Excellent students who do their homeworks under the candlelight, excellent students who due to their mentality had to leave school, wonderful children who have never been able to attend a single lesson, young people uneducated, without crafts and without professions. We are working hard to challenge this reality. Somewhere we have spread some scholarships, some private courses, foreign languages, school supplies, bags, notebooks … It’s never enough. The investing in education is never a lost investment. So, we have applied the creation of some big projects, to win these challenges that create such a big gap between these people and the other groups of society, who often stand indifferent to the importance that education has in someone’s life.

  • Some of the projects we have in the field of education are:
  •  a : Construction and restoration of schools in rural areas;
  •  b :Building a professional school where young people from families in need can learn a new profession for free;
  •  c :Construction of an Open and Digital Library.