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Diagnosed with tumor, “Fundjavë Ndryshe” changes the life of 7-year-old

Ibrahim was only 4 years old when his mother discovered the unfortunate news that would change their lives. Her son is suffering from a tumor, and his condition was worsening every day. Doctors in Albania told her that the only way to save Ibrahim was to have surgery abroad. But for Nertila this was impossible. Divorced from her husband, she was all alone in raising three children.

A few days ago, she addressed all Albanians with tears in her eyes where she asked for help to save little Ibrahim. Nertila’s call for help was joined by “Fundjavë Ndryshe” which launched a campaign to collect the necessary income for the 7-year-old.

In a very short time, it was possible to raise the amount of 40,000 euros needed to carry out the operation. Ibrahimi, together with his mother, left for Turkey, where the intervention is expected to take place soon.

Thanks to all the donors who joined the appeal made by Nertila and her son. Together we gave them hope.


Little Ibrahim is under the care of doctors in Turkey, where he continues chemotherapy and with an admirable force is fighting the disease.

Charity does not make you poor!

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