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Diagnosed with an eye tumor, Joel urgently needs our help

The Pere family lives in the village of Grunjas in Pogradec. About a month ago they were shocked by the news they received about Joel, their son. A seemingly non-dangerous spot on the eye is a tumor.

“After I noticed a spot in the eye, I took him for a check-up, but there they gave me the sad news. For us, it was a very big shock. The doctor told us that he should go abroad urgently because in Albania there are not possibilities to perform the operation. When they gave us that news, I did not want to live anymore,” says his father, Oliger.

The family has no financial means to cure Joel abroad. They live only on a salary of Oliger, which is paid 200 thousand old lekë per month and with the grandfather’s pension. As soon as they received the sad news, they decided to sell the house. But because of the long-distance, no one buys it.

“The boy is used to not seeing and does not know how to say if something hurts him or not. If you ask him, he will say no because he is very afraid of hospitals, ” says Erisa, the mother.

For Joel there is no time, in one eye he has completely lost his sight. His condition is very delicate, he needs to leave the country urgently to undergo the operation. Doctors have indicated that this intervention costs 25,000 euros. Even though the family has put everything up for sale, it still finds it impossible to cover the costs for the son’s surgery. They beg everyone’s help to save Joel!

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