Covid-19/ “Fundjavë Ndryshe” distributes food and hygiene products to 8,000 families


At a time when the government is stepping up measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, “Different Weekend” is helping all the isolated families.

Immediately after confirming the cases of those affected by COVID-19 and the authorities tightened measures, the Executive Director, Arbër Hajdari, announced that food packages and aid for thousands of families were being prepared by the emergency fund. And for about a week, the staff at “Different Weekend” have begun distributing them to different areas of the country, maintaining maximum security conditions.

So far, Hajdari confirms that the mass distribution of food to over 8,000 isolated families has begun. In addition to the food packages, there are also hygiene products such as soaps, detergents, or disinfectants.

At a time when all people are in distress, the greatest need comes from the poor, orphans. In addition to isolation, they also face a lack of basic food and necessities. So the “Different Weekend” foundation will be with them to face this difficult situation together.

Among other things, the foundation has launched an online campaign, where all Albanians can contribute. Click here to make your contribution.

“Charity does not make you poor!”