“Collect cans to eat bread,” the 8-year-old urgently needs our help

The village of Dërstil, in the municipality of Gjinari, is a village full of history and rich heritage. But for a family time has stopped, extreme poverty has brought them into misery. On the street, as always, is Kejsi, who is searching for cans with his bag torn.

“When I leave with my mother for woods, I collect the cans that are thrown in the streets. I take them, put them in the bag, and bring them home. When the man who buys the flowers comes, I go out on the street and sell them. I left school to collect cans, sell them, and get some money. If I make the house, I will go back in September. If I don’t, I won’t go.”

They live in a small, destroyed room, with their lives in danger every day.

“We are afraid that the ceiling will fall on our heads because this room is destroyed. The cat enters through the window because mom has nowhere to find glass to close it. When we didn’t have a table, we ate bread on the floor.”

While the head of the family is unable to work, all the weight falls at Drita.

“My husband is disabled, he doesn’t hear or speak. When he gets bored he comes to stab me with a knife. Only from the beating, I received, from the head, I have a lot of pain. Also, my back hurts a lot. It’s not easy for a woman to collect woods in the mountain.”

The Dërstila family urgently needs our help in order to provide them with a secure roof. And so that Adela, Kejsi, and Daniela no longer suffer for a living and do not drop out of school.

Charity does not make you poor!

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