Families in need are often victims of unhealthy prejudices. Prejudices about how they live, how they eat or how they dress. Beyond what it looks like, the lack of clothes is a bigger problem than people think. This is also the reason why we think it is very important to donate our clothes. In the rural areas, this phenomenon deepens even more. Children who do not have clothes to wear in the cold winter, do not have blankets, or even a pair of shoes to go to school. Yes, misery is present even today in Albania.

But for the other part of society, this phenomenon seems far away. They change the outfits every season, throw the ones that are used in the bins, and replace them with new ones. What we are doing now, is to awareness the people to donate the used clothes to poor families. After dividing them by gender, age, and definition, we distribute the clothes to families in need.

This organization has been working for a long time. During our work, we have noticed that this phenomenon affects all ages, from children to the elderly. We have seen people who do not dress up for weeks because they do not have what to wear. We’ve seen kids that can’t go to school because of bullying.

But we have also seen thousands of donors and volunteers who have donated their own clothes to help someone in need. We distributed thousands of boxes with clothes. We have seen the entire Albania show solidarity with poverty, and contribute to making Albania a better country.

This is an invitation for you too!