Born with a rare disease, Xhesilajda urgently needs medical treatment

“When I go to the hospital in Tirana and go on the bus, I close my sweatshirt. Because people see me. There are some who look down on me and some who feel sorry for me. But those who see me bad will be looked upon by God. ”

This is the life of Xhesilajda, who was born with a rare disease. For 14 years, she has not breathed freely for a single day, doctors have diagnosed her with Laryngomalacia. Unlike other children who spend their childhood playing, Xhesilajda has grown up in hospitals. The hope to be healed is fading, but what’s worse is the humiliation she feels from people’s eyes and sometimes from doctors.

Meanwhile, Alibie, her mother, is scared of another problem. Frightened, she says Jesse’s spine is deforming.

They live in Divjaka, in a house that is endangering the 14-year-old’s health even more. In very serious health and psychological condition, little Jesse urgently needs our help.

We have shown that when we are together, we can do it.

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