At the mercy of fate 8 orphans appeal for help: I don’t know what disease I suffer from

Among the tall trees and the greenery that seems to have invaded the streets is the village of Sina, in Dibër. The place where many historians are convinced that the national hero Skanderbeg was born. But despite the historical richness and natural beauty, there are also sad stories. Such is the story of the Bardhi family. Which four years ago lost the head of the family, in tragic circumstances.

Elibiona, the first joy of the family when she was young, had a high temperature, which caused her serious health problems. But, Fluturimja even today, 22 years later, still doesn’t know what the girl’s problem is because she could never visit her.

The dream of eight children is to be educated, but economic impossibility has destroyed that hope. Leaving them captives of poverty.

Miserable and abandoned by all, the future for the 8 orphans seems very dark. In every prayer, they pray to God for a different tomorrow.

These children need our help more than ever. Let’s get together to change their lives and give them hope.

Charity does not make you poor!

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