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An exciting surprise for the three orphans from Fier

A few days ago we published the case of the Alushaj family in Fier, where three orphaned children asked for help. After the death of the head of the family from a serious illness, the suffering was not over for them and Rufien. The conditions in which they lived were very difficult, extinguishing any hope for a beautiful tomorrow.

But these difficult days are already behind. In a very short time, “Fundjavë Ndryshe” managed to provide them a safe home. Arbër Hajdari, the CEO of “Fundjavë Ndryshe” thanked all the contributors and informs that the help for Asqeri, Fjori, Alesion, as well as for Rufien will always continue.

“As soon as we published the appeal made by Rufia, many people reacted and helped. But, especially, there is a man who lives abroad, Shkumbin Qormemeti. He was immediately one of the people most willing to make contributions. With which we made possible the house and all its furniture.”

Enjoy the new home!

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