Alone and desperate, Dhurata and two girls: hope died when father gave life for our sister


A tragedy would radically change life for Dhurata and her two daughters, Elvisa and Rosela. For three years, the head of the Boçi family no longer lives. By living the family in terrible conditions. They live alone in the village Krutje e Sipërme, in Lushnje. They only have a room, which is falling apart.
Besides the trauma they still have, the two girls have lost all hope and confidence. They no longer dare to dream, they feel that life has stopped even for them.
The youngest was only 10 years old when her father passed away, in the most tragic way. By saving his daughter Rosela from drowning. And for Elvisa, the fact she didn’t meet her father one last time will always be her biggest remorse.
“On the day my father passed away, it was the last day I had any hope. I asked God for help to save him, but he did not answer me. So even now I have no hope for anything.

I’ve been without him for three years. He wouldn’t go to sleep without me falling asleep, he would always hold my hand. And now that I sit here and see that he is not with me, it is horrible. I feel very bad. I just want one more hug from him.”

In the room where they live the conditions are very bad, humidity is endangering their health. While the family does not even have the minimum living conditions.
“Apart from the pain of the father, the conditions we live in are very difficult. The building is muddy and has a lot of humidity. From the humidity, our books sometimes get destroyed and it is difficult to fix them later, ”says Elvisa, who is only 16 years old.
Dhurata tries to work, but living in the countryside makes it extremely difficult to find a stable job. Heartbroken and in despair of a helpless mother she calls for help.
Although fate seems to be condemning Elvisa and Rosela, we can all help them for a new beginning.
“Charity does not make you poor!”