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Alesia leaves for Turkey, Hajdari announces another surprise for the little girl

The story of little Alesia touched the hearts of Albanians. The 7-year-old suffers from a foot disease that prevents her from walking and causes her a lot of pain.

“From the middle down she tells me that she is in pain, especially when she walks a lot. I had to buy a donkey this year to take her to school. When I took her there, all the kids were walking normally, only she was different. Only for Alesia, I cry day and night,” said Albina, her mother.

The Rrapo family lives in the village of Kuqar, about 40 minutes away from Këlcyra. And for the parents, who are in very difficult economic but also health conditions, it has been impossible to provide the treatment of the daughter.

Immediately after the publication of the case in the show “Historia e Fundjavës”, comes happy news. The founder of “Fundjavë Ndryshe”, Arbër Hajdari informs that Alesia has left for Turkey. Where specialized doctors will carry out the necessary intervention.

During the program on Klan +, Hajdari added that in addition to the news of Alesia being sent to Turkey, they are also preparing a surprise for the little girl.

“We have collected the amount that Alesia needs for her operation. The bill from the hospital came to us at 4,500 euros just for Alesia’s intervention. But this is not the only good news. Alesia’s case touched the hearts of many people and more money was collected than was needed to carry out the operation.

We also saw the premises where the Rrapo family lived, as well as the way the girl went to school, with a donkey. That’s why we decided to renovate the house as well. This will be a surprise for Alesia. When she returns from Turkey, she will have her room arranged, but also a means of transportation to go to school.”

A few days ago, another good news came from Turkey. The operation of Xhesi, the little girl who was suffering from scoliosis, was performed successfully. The 8-year-old has already undergone further controls and is expected to return to Albania very soon.

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