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A wonderful surprise for the Gorreja family!

One week ago, in the program “Historia e Fundjavës was presented the story of the Gorreja family. 2 years ago the head of the family passed away as a result of a serious illness. While his last will was that his two girls had a happy life and a safe roof. But being alone and without any support, Elsa is unable to fulfill her husband’s will.

As soon as the case became public, the reactions from the Albanians were numerous, who gave their support. While the founder of “Fundjavë Ndryshe”, Arbër Hajdari gave the good news, that now the family will have a new home.

“We broadcast it last week and immediately after the show I was contacted by an Albanian from Dibra, living in Austria. Who decided to buy a new house for the Gorreja family. The same person, in the same way, without anyone knowing except me and him, has helped many families. And it is not a company, it is an individual, which makes a family with a new house for the sixth time in a row,” said Hajdari during the show “Historia e Fundjavës”.

The place where Elsa lives with her two daughters is in very poor condition. As the roof and walls risk falling at any moment. But now a more happy life awaits Greta, Jona, and their mother, as they will soon be entering their new home.

Charity does not make you poor!

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