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5-year-old does not speak, does not eat and does not move! The family seeks help for the boy’s medical intervention

During these five years, Muhamed Kurtishi has been wandering around hospitals. The doctors did not give him hope, while the family members suffered that they could not do anything for their little one.

The boy from Tetovo suffers from a lack of oxygen to the brain. His family members ask for help from all Albanians, to contribute as much as they can, to restore hope for Muhammad.

He does not speak, eat or move. € 15,000 is needed for the medical intervention, while his family has no opportunity to cover the cost of the operation.

Who can join us to save Muhammad from Tetovo? Muhamed Kurtishi will be treated in Turkey with head surgery.

Description:  GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/te-shpetojme-muhamedin

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