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2 children risk losing their lives, the desperate cry of the father!

For almost a year, Lulzim has been standing on this bench near the pediatrics at QSUT. Everyone knows this is his bed and few sit in it. He is not homeless, but that is the only way to stay close to his children. Who since January are struggling with time. Emanuel and Endrina suffer from rare kidney disease.

The 13-year-old is in worse condition than her brother; and since September, she has to do dialysis 3 times a week.

“The girl is very weak, she is not eating anymore, dialysis is very difficult for her. They are very stressed. Especially after Endrina heard the doctor who said that after 1 year, they might have to do again the transplant, she even refused to do the dialysis.”

Mjekët në Shqipëri nuk kanë mundur të përcaktojnë një diagnozë të saktë të sëmundjes, por veç kanë thënë se të dy fëmijët duhet të bëjnë transplant veshke. Teksa Lulzimi dhe bashkëshortja e tij kanë dalë dhurues të përshtatshëm, sërish kjo ndërhyrje është e rrezikshme. E vetmja mundësi për Lulzimin është që trajtimi i dy fëmijëve të kryhet në Itali.

Doctors in Albania have not been able to determine an accurate diagnosis of the disease, but have already said that both children should have a kidney transplant. While Lulzim and his wife are suitable donors, again this intervention is dangerous. The only option for the treatment of the two children is to be done in Italy.

An association in Italy has taken over the intervention of children. But Lulzim finds it impossible to cover the costs of transport and accommodation, which cost 10 to 12 thousand euros.

“We should both be there, together with my wife, in case they have to do the transplant. I find it very difficult, I do not know where to find the money. What I had, I spent it all, I have been staying here for 1 year. “

The family lives in the village of Shëmrizë in Gramsh, in an old building, the conditions of which are very difficult. Despite the difficult situation, Lulzim never wanted to ask for help. To this day, when he has nothing left.

“All my life I worked for those children, to take them to school. In my old days, I learned a lot and did not go to university because we were poor. And I don’t want this to be the case for my children. I was always saving cents so that the children can go to school. ”

Lulzim is desperate, while the health of little Endrina has worsened a lot in recent days. As she begs all Albanians with a painful prayer, both children are in urgent need of us.

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